Our Methodology

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NIGERIA'S TOP 100 LAWYERS® measures the technical ability of Nigerian lawyers, implicating extraordinary expertise, deep experience and reliable counsel. The listing is designed to provide a definitive referral guide on legal excellence in Nigeria. 
Our research invites leading practitioners to make recommendations of lawyers who are the most outstanding practitioners in their jurisdictions and fields of expertise. Because the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria is conferred on practitioners adjudged to have achieved excellence, this group inevitably constituted our primary source of data. Accordingly, the sample comprises of all Senior Advocates of Nigeria as at end-2012, the 2013 applicants for the rank, and a pre-qualified group of acclaimed Solicitors. Because the quality of a peer-review survey mirrors the quality of its voting pool, the sample also constituted the voting pool. 
The key question we asked each voting lawyer was: “If you could not handle a case/brief yourself, to whom would you, with utmost confidence, refer it?” The digital questionnaire was sent to each voting lawyer by email, comprising an Introductory Letter and a Nomination Form. The voting lawyers were required to tick off nominees of their choice on the Nomination Form. Our computer was trained to reject multiple voting among others. Results of the online survey were collated and tabulated and the nominees with the highest nominations were selected.
We have taken the gamble to include a few obscure names in our commitment to give a fair coverage to all practitioners. Due to industry dynamics, this group of acclaimed high-fliers would almost certainly be out of contention, working in highly innocuous practice areas as it were. Our choices were however cross-checked with and validated by distinguished industry experts. 
The compendium is not a test of a lawyer's popularity, neither is it a moral judgement on a lawyer's ethical standards. It remains to be seen how visibility or popularity may have impacted the voting lawyers' choices. The list is based on the subjective judgments of peers. However, the consistency of the voting pattern has been heartening. 
We pay tribute to the memories of our law legends whose talents sculpted the fabric of our profession and jurisprudence for over 100 years. In the same vein, we honour the memory of Chief G. O. K. Ajayi (SAN), Chief Chike Ofodile (SAN), and Professor Safiriyu Adesanya (SAN), all erstwhile nominees who departed this life while the listing was being compiled.