Verily, it will be sympathetic for us to still tie ourselves to the cleaves of the Cliché, that it is “TOO EARLY TO RAISE CONCERNS” about the leadership styles of our present crop of NBA “leaders”.

In a nation where leaders sleep in taverns of comfort, with their protruded bellies stuck to the Western world and their anuses farting on the already fainted masses, our NBA should stand out!

In our country where the executive is self-bedeviled with barons and baronesses of incompetence, sleeping over the cries of security and people-oriented programmes, our NBA should stand out!

In a same nation where our Judiciary is wrapped in a life-draining executive imposition and dependence, hence churning out godforsaken lapses in Orders, Rulings and decisions; yet again, our NBA should stand out!

But comfort is not on my side upon a careful and objective perusal of the scorecard of our NBA, as at the peak of it lies the fates of young lawyers hanging upon the balance of excessive charges for NBA AGC 2024 (#50,000 for Young Lawyers)

Some of the notable factors that have already badly affected young lawyers financially and in general wellbeing within the span of one year include:

* Young lawyers are earnestly still suffering the adverse effect of End-SARS, kidnapping, unknown gunmen, desecration of our courts by security agents, Boko haram, et al, where wanton destruction was unabated and courts were also victims of vandalism; by extension, most courts did not sit, and young lawyers were wrapped within the devil and the deep blue sea! So many tales of young lawyers who could not afford house rents and many more! Such a paradox!

* The JUSUN AND NLC strike often come with glorified consequences. No! Not to the striking workers, but the usual grasses (young lawyers) suffering, badly, for the untoward fight of the two elephants..

* How about Transportation fare to and from the AGC??

* Accommodation during the conference?

* This year’s conference is radically different from previous ones usually held as Young Lawyers will journey to the extravagant city of Lagos in a period in which young lawyers will neither toil nor moil in the courts since they have no other trade than the legal profession. Where will these young ones get these fees from?

How many young lawyers can afford #15,000 in a country where economy is in yonder, desert, asylum and near-perpetual hades, let alone #50,000?

Behold, the amount should be reviewed or varied to affordable sum of #15,000

Our NBA President should brace up, be pro-active and live up to the expectations. Let posterity beckon on this administration with right-hand.

This is also a clarion call on the young lawyers to be vigilant and watchful of the candidates and would-be national officers they vote in July NBA 2024 Elections.

  • UKPEH is an Uyo-based human rights lawyer

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