Just a few days ago, some persons emerged as winners of NBA Awards and recognitions given to members who have served the Judiciary, Bar and the general public with some distinction.

In arriving at the awardees for service to the Bar, no nominee was asked to bring CVs or other resumes. It was bare facts about the work ethic and service that counted. The recognition from this kind of unbiased election cannot be more self-fulfilling. The awardees are presumed to be round pegs in round holes. That is now a remarkable history.

I am not an NBA politician, stricto sensu, but I observe happenings in NBA politics. My non-partisan assessment is that for the comprehensive upliftment and welfare of the NBA PH Branch, MRS. CORDELIA EKE is the square peg in a square hole we need now if we must tell ourselves the unpolluted & unblemished truth.

My grounds for this conclusion are: Cordelia is courageous, assertive and humble. This quality is needed to take tough decisions/policies that are beneficial to the Bar.

If NBA PH settles for a female Chairman for the first time, to the best of my knowledge, Cordelia fits the bill very perfectly. In one word, she is an undeniable personification of the Nigerian Bar within the Branch and the National.

With immense respect, we cannot experiment a female Chairmanship with a rookie candidate who will either depend on instructions from certain noble overlords or spend a good chunk of the short tenure learning the ropes.

Cordelia is visible, has always attended Bar meetings and makes brilliant contributions therein. None of her competitors has this enviable record.

The balkanization of the NBA PH Branch into Integrity, Progressives, Unity, Amadioha or any other Camp, is unacceptable and ought to be abolished for a greater cohesion and camaraderie among us as learned colleagues. I have no doubt whatsoever that Cordelia’s Chairmanship will work very hard to reinvent a more unified Bar.

Cordelia is a highly resourceful and effective staff of the Ministry of Justice. NBA has always leaned on government for one kind of financial help or the other. Naturally, the same government will assuredly give a bigger support to one of its own for unprecedented success of her tenure. This humongous privilege is exclusively peculiar to Cordelia.

Furthermore, Cordelia coming from the Ministry of Justice, gives that respectable House of Lawyers a deserved sense of belonging. I think it has never happened before now.

Cordelia is many positive things to many people, groups and associations and has cultivated leadership qualities over the years for such a time as this.

Finally, Cordelia has boldly stepped out as an independent candidate with a mass appeal and admiration. I am sure she will not do us any emilokan by grabbing power anyhow and running with it while leaving the rest of Bar behind. God forbid!

Nigerians are in a large pit of sorrow today with painful sighs of “had-I-known” on every lip because somebody was aided to grab power at the expense of better qualified candidates. NBA PH must not repeat that fatal blunder in this Chairmanship election, please.

MRS. CORDELIA EKE is unarguably the person that the NBA PH Chairmanship Cap, Hat or Gele fits, truth be told.

I am an apolitical Pastor Chigozirim Chinazo Nwaodu.

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