Clement Ugo Chukwuemeka (AKA DEMOCRAT) a cleared candidate for the office of 2nd Vice President of NBA warmly wish the President of NBA and all NBA NEC delegates safe journey back to their respective states from Ilorin Kwara State.

The harmony State and her gods will bear witness of far reaching decisions that took place in the serene atmosphere of Ilorin. Decisions of solace and harmonious co existence of members in branches, Various Committee reports of hope for the future survival of the Bar and the Nigerian project and many more.

The administration of Olumide Akpata no doubt have demonstrated capacity and delivered on core promises . The road map has been laid and I appreciate the NBA leadership for that. 

As we appreciate this current leadership for their meritorious service to the Bar , let all qualified voters take a deep breath and think deeply before choosing the next leadership. The choice we make shall define us before the society we are meant to stand in gab for. NBA as I know , is a Presure Group . It shall be activated in full gear to consolidate the gains of Akpata led regime . 

More than Ten thought provoking decisions were reached at this NEC held in Ilorin, the creation of additional branches in FCT , Abuja to solve the lingering problem manufactured by the enemies of the Bar, instituting about 8 disciplinary cases against senior lawyers of the bar, and above all institutionalizing of compulsory written contract between counsel and law-firms etc. It was indeed a good way to end a tenure . I hereby urge NEC members especially the Branch chairmen and their Excos to institutionalize peace and harmony in their branches . We can not be hosted by a state of harmony without imbibing it as a culture in our daily lives . Safe journey NEC members .

I am Clement Ugo Chukwuemeka (Democrat). It is a Democratic New Order 2022. Join the Movement.