ECNBA Bars Proxy Verification, Extends Deadline to July 17

* Threatens to Drag Defaulters to Disciplinary Committee

* Bars Further Extension

The Electoral Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA) has warned that it would drag to the NBA Disciplinary Committee, any lawyer caught updating the election portal for others.

It is recalled that due to challenges being experienced by lawyers in verifying their data, they have resorted to other members for assistance.

In fact, virtually all the candidates have set up “help desks” to assist members with the verification exercise.

This is seen by many NBA stakeholders as a campaign strategy to show that they care for the welfare of the members, even as there are fears that some candidates may use the ploy to mine data to give them advantage during the voting exercise.

However, the ECNBA has frowned against this practice, even as it extended the verification deadline to July 17. The extension is an acknowledgement of the hardships some members are going through in order to verify their data.

One of the affected members, Mr. Okechukwu Nna told CITY LAWYER that he tried severally without success: “I was eventually not able to update my record on the portal. And that was after more than thirty attempts spanning two weeks. So what do I do ?”

Signed by its Secretary, Mr. Bolaji Agoro, the notice reads:


“Reports reaching the ECNBA indicates that some individuals are updating the particulars of others in the ongoing verification exercise.

“Please note that by the design of the exercise, the verification code is secret and personal to each eligible voter. It is not permissible for anyone to verify for another under whatever guise.

“Members should take note and not allow any person to do their accreditation which has commenced on their behalf.

“It should be noted that anyone impersonating another to verify the details of another by engaging in such conduct is in violation of the NBA Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC).

“The ECNBA will not hesitate to refer anyone caught or reported to have engaged in such reprehensible act to the Disciplinary Committee.

“Members are advised to be rightly guided.

“Thank you.”

Bolaji Agoro Esq
Secretary, ECNBA

The notice on the extension which was also posted on the NBA website reads:


“Dear Colleague,

“The ECNBA has received complaints from several members of the bar pleading for more time to update their data in the ongoing verification exercise.

“The Committee has considered these applications for extension and hereby agreed to extend the verification exercise by 48 hours.

“In view of this; voters now have till Tuesday 17th July, 2018 to update their data. No further extension shall be granted after this date.

“Thank you.”

Yours faithfully,

Bolaji Agoro Esq
Secretary, ECNBA

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