Isaac Omuta Ogbah, FICMC, candidate for the 3rd Vice President of the NBA heartily congratulates NBA Ikorodu Branch on its successful transition from one administration to another and as it holds its AGM

It is time we appreciate the immense contribution of the outgoing executives of the NBA Ikorodu Branch.

Of a truth NBA Ikorodu Branch has contributed immensely to the development of the bar in Nigeria and not just Lagos state alone as it is really one of the foremost branches in Lagos and beyond. History will never forget the contributions of past and present leaders of Ikorodu Branch as the Branch has produced great leaders of national repute even as my dearly beloved friend and colleague, a former chairman of the branch, *Bayo Akinlade* was at the forefront of, and instrumental in the setting up of the PDSS scheme which some police stations around the country have benefitted immensely from. I am the current chairman of PDSS Onipanu Divisional Headquarters, Ota Ogun State.

This shows the calibre of practice and legal practitioners in this branch.

I hereby congratulate the incoming members of the new executive and I wish you all a successful reign as j have no doubt you all will build on the achievements of all the past administrations of your Branch.

I celebrate you all now and always.