Leading Nigerian Bar Association presidential candidate, Mr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN has vowed that he will reengineer the technology ecosystem in the legal industry if elected President come July 30.

Unveiling “Opportunities for Lawyers,” a cutting-edge online portal designed to connect lawyers to latest life-changing opportunities around the world, Ajibade observed that “Technology has become a part of everyday life in today’s world.”

Noting that the legal profession “is not left out” in the pervasive and disruptive inroad of technology, the cerebral senior lawyer stated that “We can either use tech or we can be scared of tech. If you ask me, we should use tech; we should take advantage of tech. We should enable tech to improve our processes.” He observed that technology has been deployed at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic to deliver many meetings and virtual conferences which “we have attended without leaving the comfort of our homes.”

Giving more insights into the groundbreaking App, Ajibade who has served the NBA in several critical positions said: “Not only am I encouraging us to use tech; I have invested in tech. I invested in the development of an App called ‘Opportunities for Lawyers.’ It’s a wonderful App. It’s available on iOs, on android and on the web. It provides opportunities for lawyers all over the world – scholarships, trainings, contests – everything a young lawyer needs to get ahead.”

Unveiling another initiative, the NBA presidential candidate who is very popular in the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) circuit, said: “One other thing that I am investing in is developing a pilot project for digital learning. I think that it’s is a veritable way for dealing with our continuing legal education problems, with training for young lawyers coming out of the Law School.”

He emphasized that “We must take full advantage of what is happening in that space to move our profession forward,” adding: “We need to re-orientate ourselves: our judges have to be retooled; our courts have to be retooled; we, lawyers have to be retooled – we need to learn a new way of doing things.”

The online platform, “Opportunities for Lawyers” was launched on May 2, 2020. It is available on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opportunitiesforlawyers&hl=en) and Apple Stores (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/opportunities-forlawyers/id1510602360?ls=1). Non-smart phone users can visit www.opportunitiesforlawyers.com from their browsers on laptops, ipad, computer desktop and any other system with internet connection and access the site.

According to the Chief Editor of the American Team, Mr. Reginald Sagay, the application will be available free of cost to lawyers. “For this, we thank the Co-vice chair of the International Bar Association’s Africa Regional Forum, Dr. Babatunde Ajibade, SAN for his immense support, which has made it possible for lawyers across the world to have free access to this product,” said Sagay.

Ajibade had earlier stated that while the current NBA administration has taken positive steps with regard to integrating the use of technology in advancing the cause of the legal profession, “If elected, I will leverage and build on this good work by ensuring that the NBA makes maximum use of available technology to achieve its various objectives. I will explore various platforms that can be used to improve on the NBA’s data gathering, information dissemination and management. I will also explore various means of providing digital learning and training to members.

“Another area in which I will get the NBA to employ the use of technology is with the stamp and seal requirement under the RPC. This scheme was put in place in an attempt to eliminate the scourge of fake lawyers and has been a source of constant complaints since its inception. The complaints range from the logistics of receiving the stamp and seal to the fact that the stamps and seals have an expiry date. I have entered into discussions with technology service providers who assure me that the stamp and seal scheme can be digitalized and dispensed electronically. I will pursue the implementation of this innovation as it will not only address the complaints concerning the stamp and seal scheme as presently implemented but will dovetail seamlessly into the developments that are now being explored in the administration of justice with electronic filing of court processes and virtual hearings. If elected, I will ensure that the NBA builds and expands on all these initiatives and maximizes the use of available technology to achieve its various objectives.”

Non-smart phone users can visit www.opportunitiesforlawyers.com from their browsers on laptops, ipad, computer desktop and any other system with internet connection to access the site. ‘Opportunities for Lawyers’ has social media platforms for latest opportunities and engagement such as

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