The Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association Sedcurity Agencies Relations Committee (NBA-SARC), Chief Joe-Kyari Gadzama SAN has visited both Gombe and Kwara States to felicitate with lawyers in those States.

The leading litigator was in Gombe where he and his large entourage was hosted to an iftar anchored by Mr. Luka Haruna, a seasoned lawyer and a mentee of Chief Joe-Kyari Gadzama, SAN. 

Meanwhile, Gadzama was also hosted to a reception by some members of the NBA Ilorin Branch led by the past Chairman of the branch, Mr. M. I. Akande.

Below are statements made available to CITY LAWYER.


The breaking of fast (Iftar) with the learned silk Joe-Kyari Gadzama, SAN with his entourage: Mela Audu Nunghe, SAN, Mohammed Monguno,Esq., Steve Abah,Esq. (Vice Chairman NBA SPIDEL), Chief S.T Panwal, Esq. (Former chairman Pankshin Branch), Abubakar Abdulhamid Bununu,Esq. (Attorney General of Bauchi State), M.A Tsuwa,Esq., U.B Babayo,Esq., (Secretary of NBA Bauchi Branch),Samson Gotom, Esq. (Former chairman YLF Jos branch and current secretary NBA Jos branch), Loretta Challa,Esq. (Treasurer, NBA Jos Branch), G.R Ayuba,Esq.(Former NBA Secretary, Gombe Branch), Jerry Musa Ombugadu, Esq. (Financial Secretary Abuja Branch,Unity Bar and Juniour Partner at J-K Gadzama LLP), Tengya Jochebed Habila,Esq.(Young lawyer, J-K Gadzama LLP), metamorphosed into a gathering of men and women of inexhaustible value.

The Iftar was anchored by Luka Haruna, Esq., a seasoned lawyer with a thriving practice under the name and style of L. A. Haruna & Co. in the heart of Gombe State, and a mentee of Chief Joe-Kyari Gadzama, SAN.

In his opening remark, he pronounced Chief Joe-Kyari Gadzama, SAN as a man who is not just competent but most credible leader who has shown commitment and dire desire to secure the future of the bar in all ramifications through different endeavors and landmark activities. He recognized the fact that acclaimed Silk is an employer of labour in his hometown, Nigeria at large, Africa and beyond its shores.

“If one man can accomplish all these feat, we all can support him and become another J-K Gadzama, SAN and even better,” he concluded.

Steve Abah, Esq. who is the Vice Chairman of NBA SPIDEL, praised Chief J-K Gadzama, SAN as a man who qualifies to speak to the conscience of lawyers and people in Nigeria, Africa and the world.

Steve Abah, Esq., the Vice Chairman of NBA SPIDEL, gave a narration on the transparency and accountability showcased by Chief J-K Gadzama, SAN in 2005, who was the first chairman of the Conference Planning Committee amongst many others to produce bank statements of the funds accrued and disbursed in the organization of the conference. So rare!

J-K Gadzama, SAN is indeed a man whose pedigree has no equal in the Nigerian Bar. He is omnipresent as far as legal practice and integrity is concerned.

“Chief Joe-Kyari Gadzama,SAN is a household name of outstanding qualification because he has set the records and broken unthinkable records as a mentor, trainer, man of value and epitome of excellence,” he added.

Going further, quoting Honourable Jalal Arabi, Esq. ,the former Permanent Secretary to the Federal Government, who was present at Iftar with Chief J-K Gadzama, SAN said “…I have known J-K Gadzama, SAN for 30 years, he was my school mate, been a friend, and family. I am not here to shower accolades on the learned silk because of my acquaintance with him, but I am here on my honour, and my word is my bond.

J-K Gadzama, SAN is not a new name, it is a name registered in the hearts and lives of Nigerians. It is nowhere written that a person shall be chastised for projecting his interest or aspiration, provided that it is fair and just.

Learned Silk is a global team player and a non-generationalist deserving of all the love and support needed to put him in any position…”

He spoke laudably about J-k Gadzama,SAN and concluded his speech by urging distinguished lawyers present to bolster up and identify themselves with a man who needs no introduction.

Mohammed Monguno, Esq., the former Attorney General of Borno State, and a Partner at J-K Gadzama LLP, elaborated on the bar activism, commitment, and doggedness of Chief J-K Gadzama, SAN.

“Because of his worthiness and commitment to the bar and the Judiciary, the Body of Benchers appointed him as Chairman of the mentoring committee of the Body of Benchers. His nature has earned him the titles of Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (OFR), and Member of the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (MFR).

“He has been recognized traditionally in Nigeria by the people of different regions as the Sarduana of Uba, Okwuluora of Ukpo, and the Bobajiro of Akure and many more titles to come…” J-K Gadzama, SAN has proven himself and that is enough, he added.

Abubakar Mohammed, Esq., past Chairman of Bauchi Branch and Deputy Director of Ministry of Justice described himself as an embryo in the legal profession in comparison to Chief Joe-Kyari Gadzama, SAN. He encouraged lawyers to secure their future by standing with eminent Silk.

The Attorney General of Bauchi State, Abubakar Abdulhamid Bununu, Esq. pledged to go anywhere Chief J-K Gadzama, SAN, travel with with him, be with him, reserve nothing and promote the brand of learned silk.

He prayed for God to see Chief J-K Gadzama, SAN through every endeavor, for good people to identify themselves with the only sure leader, for kind hearted individuals to rise and rally around learned silk, good health and for the Almighty God to expose the schemes of the wicked.

Chief Joe-Kyari Gadzama, SAN in response to words of wisdom spoken about him and the future of the Bar, recognized all leaders for their outstanding contributions towards his aspiration, thanked lawyers and the majority of young lawyers who were at Iftar with him.

Revered Silk brought to bare the backwardness and struggles of the North-East and indulge them to show loyalty to the future of the Bar by adhering to the Nigerian Constitution 1999 (as amended), NBA Constitution, and God almighty, as these three are pillars upon which he stands.

He notably said “…a leader is not a leader until he listens to his people…”. He emphasized on service which is the roadmap to greatness as the greatest amongst them all is a servant. Learned Silk implore lawyers at Gombe and supporters from other States to synergize their talents and key into the vision that comes with the assurance of fulfillment.

“My word is my bond, I have a track record of fulfilling all my promises and have evidence of same”. He concluded.

Mela Audu Nunghe, SAN heartily showed gratitude to all the lawyers gathered to recognize the presence of Chief Joe-Kyari Gadzama, SAN.

He marveled at the number of people gathered to listen and interact with J-K Gadzama, SAN and his entourage. He expounded on the need to tag and be moved by reality by surrounding themselves with a man whose record speaks volumes about his capacity. “J-K Gadzama, SAN knows it and has it all at his fingertips.”

Honourable Rambi Ibrahim Ayala,Esq., a lawyer with thriving practice in Gombe and member, State house of Assembly, Gombe State promised to stay and do the work that has the name of J-K Gadzama, SAN on. He pledged his support and that of his establishment to the course of Chief Joe-Kyari Gadzama, SAN.

He said the last prayers.

Chief Joe-Kyari Gadzama,SAN is indeed not out to merely do the business of law. But he is out in order to enable the Nigerian Bar to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.


Joe-Kyari Gadzama SAN in company of Dr. Akin Onigbinde SAN (Principal Partner, AOC Solicitor), Oyetola Muyiwa Atoyebi SAN (Managing Partner OMAPLEX Law Firm and the youngest lawyer to have attained Silk), Salman Salman (Bayo Ojo & Co), Ganny Ajape, Esq (a senior legal practitioner), Olasunkanmi Oluwabiyi and Nafisat Ibrahim, Esq (members YLG J-K Gadzama LLP) arrived at Ilorin, Kwara State only to be surprised at the warm reception by some members of the NBA Ilorin branch led by the past Chairman of the branch, M. I Akande, Esq who deemed it necessary to welcome the learned Silk and his entourage despite the festivity of Eid.

The NBA Ilorin branch members who warmly received the learned Silk were not modest about their hospitality as they ushered the learned Silk to his lodge.

Chief Gadzama SAN thanked the members for their wonderful hospitality to himself and his entourage despite the festivity. The learned Silk also stated that he looks forward to meeting with distinguished members and colleagues during his visit. He further informed them that his other colleagues in his entourage will be arriving by morrow.

Other members led by the NBA Ilorin branch Chairman were: Olashiku Rebecca, Alabeni Omowunmi, Saliu Ismail, Ekpe Michael, Adebayo Kemi, Ijaodola Prince, Damilola Jimoh and Abiola Ibrahim to mention a few.


Chief Joe-Kyari Gadzama SAN on Monday, 2nd May, 2022 paid a courtesy visit on Chief Dr. J. O. Olatoke SAN, Founding Principal of Kayode Olatoke & Co (Equity House). Gadzama SAN kicked off his visit to senior members of the Bar with his entourage comprised of Dr. Akin Onigbinde SAN (Principal Partner, AOC Solicitor), Oyetola Muyiwa Atoyebi SAN (Managing Partner, OMAPLEX Law Firm and the youngest lawyer to have attained Silk), Salman Salman (Bayo Ojo & Co), Ganny Ajape, Esq (a senior legal practitioner), M. I Akande (Past Chairman NBA Ilorin), Olashiku Rebecca, Alabeni Omowunmi, Saliu Ismail, Ekpe Michael, Anthonia Oshinwe, Adebayo Kemi, Ijaodola Prince, Damilola Jimoh and Abiola Ibrahim, Olasunkanmi Oluwabiyi and Nafisat Ibrahim, Esq (members YLG J-K Gadzama LLP).

The Former Member Oyo State House of Assembly, Honourable Dr. Akin Onigbinde SAN appreciated the learned Silk, Chief Dr J O Olatoke SAN for having them at his office. Dr Onigbinde SAN recounted the journey of Chief Joe-Kyari Gadzama SAN’s friendship from being classmates at the Law School. He recounted that Gadzama SAN was the first Senior Advocate of the Nigerian Law School Class of 1986. He further recounted how Gadzama SAN was made a leader of the Bar at an early stage and how he was not drowned in it as he had a very cordial relationship with his colleagues.

Gadzama SAN started by stating that it was his joy and privilege to be at his office. He recounted that the learned Silk had been a major voice at the Bar and in practice. He stated that it is his joy to see the young ones nurtured, mentored and successful.

Chief J O Olatoke SAN could not hide his surprise at the visit and stated that he has been witnessing Gadzama’s trail of impacts. He expressed his confidence in Joe-Kyari Gadzama SAN and reassured Gadzama SAN of his unwavering support and commitment to his noble cause for the Nigerian Bar Association. The visit witnessed snapshots with the visitors before setting out to other offices.

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