This year’s event has as its theme, “Practice Management: The Heartbeat of Every Impactful Legal Career.” The colloquium was held at the exquisite Presidential Hall, C. J. Patterson Building, All Saints Cathedral, Onitsha, Anambra State.

Osigwe’s thought-provoking and enlightening discourse  dwelt on the topic, “Advertising: Navigating Today’s Realities with the Current Statutory Provisions of Professional Ethics.”

The former Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) General Secretary dissected the intricate dynamics of legal practitioners’ conduct as it relates to promoting their services and attracting clientele.

The central focus of Osigwe’s discussion lay in scrutinizing the rules of professional conduct governing legal practitioners. He examined the guidelines and shed light on what lawyers are permitted to do, and perhaps more crucially, what they are prohibited from doing, in their quest to garner business and build thriving legal careers.

In emphasizing the need for lawyers to maintain ethical standards in the course of practice, Osigwe noted that that even though legal practitioners in practice are engaged in legal business, they are not business people.

His words: “We are part of a profession that has a special obligation to our clients, to the courts, to society, and to the higher cause of justice. Business people do not have such obligations. We do.

“In promoting our legal practice we must ensure that we observe the highest ethical standards in the profession. It should not be an anything-goes situation. To successfully run a practice like a business, one must be an entrepreneur who must act ethically at all nights and refuse to allow the urge to run a profitable practice to enmesh him or her in unethical conduct.”

In a world where the legal landscape is evolving rapidly and the lines between ethical promotion and overzealous advertising can blur, Osigwe’s insights provide a valuable compass for legal professionals navigating the complexities of contemporary legal practice. His presentation at the C. O. ANAH SAN Memorial Colloquium undoubtedly enriched the legal community’s understanding of these critical issues and reinforced the importance of upholding professional ethics in the pursuit of a successful legal career.