Congratulations to the New Leadership of the Young Lawyers Forum of the Nigerian Bar Association.

I extend my warmest congratulations to Mr. Abdulrauf Tijani and Esteemed Members of the Young Lawyers Forum Executive Committees on assuming the leadership of the Young Lawyers Forum of the Nigerian Bar Association. This is indeed a significant milestone, and I want to commend you and your team for your commitment to serving the legal community and advocating for the rights and interests of young lawyers in Nigeria.

The Young Lawyers Forum plays a vital role within the Nigerian Bar Association and the legal profession as a whole. It serves as a platform for nurturing talents, fostering professional development, and addressing the unique challenges experienced by young lawyers as they embark on their legal careers. The importance of this forum cannot be overstated, as it is instrumental in shaping the future of the legal profession in Nigeria.

As you take on this leadership role, it is crucial to recognize the high expectations that come with it. Here are some reasons why it is imperative for the new leadership to ensure they live up to these expectations:

  1. Mentorship and Guidance: Young lawyers look to the forum for mentorship and guidance as they navigate the complexities of the legal profession. Your leadership should prioritize mentorship programs, workshops, and initiatives that provide invaluable support to the next generation of legal professionals.
  2. Advocacy for Rights: The forum is a powerful advocate for the rights and welfare of young lawyers. It is your responsibility to actively engage with relevant stakeholders, including the Nigerian Bar Association itself, to address issues such as fair representation, access to resources, and equitable opportunities for young lawyers.
  3. Professional Development: Facilitating continuous learning and professional development is fundamental. Organize seminars, training sessions, and networking events that enable young lawyers to enhance their legal skills and expand their professional networks.
  4. Community Engagement: The forum should actively engage with the legal community and the public at large. This can involve legal awareness campaigns, pro bono initiatives, and outreach programs that demonstrate the social responsibility of young lawyers.
  5. Advocating for Legal Reforms: Young lawyers often bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table. Your leadership should be proactive in advocating for legal reforms that can improve the legal system in Nigeria and better serve the interests of both lawyers and the public.

The Young Lawyers Forum is a cornerstone of the Nigerian legal profession, and your leadership holds the key to its continued success. By prioritizing mentorship, advocacy, professional development, community engagement, and legal reforms, you can ensure that the forum will not only meet but exceed the expectations of young lawyers and the broader legal community.

Once again, congratulations on your appointment, and I am very confident that under your guidance, the Young Lawyers Forum will thrive and make lasting contributions to the Nigerian legal landscape.

Accept the assurances of my best regards.
Mazi Afam Osigwe, SAN


On Monday, 18th of September, 2023, Mazi Afam Osigwe delivered a speech as a panelist at the panel session of the NBA Garki Branch Tagged: Law Business, Branding, Billing Collaboration for Growth.

At the session, Mazi Afam Osigwe’s speech was truly enlightening. His insights on law business, branding, billing, and collaboration for growth were invaluable.

He posited that it is evident that in today’s legal landscape, these aspects are not just essential but interconnected for success. Osigwe’s expertise shone through as he emphasized the importance of strategic branding to distinguish oneself in the legal market.

His thoughts on billing practices shed light on fair and sustainable fee structures. Collaboration was a recurring theme, highlighting the need for lawyers to work together for professional development and to better serve their clients.

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