Afam Osigwe, SAN Leads Panel Session on Improved Legal Remuneration at Nigerian Bar Association Zaria Branch Law Week

The Chairman of the Remuneration Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association, Afam Osigwe SAN, took center stage as the lead presenter during the panel session at the Law Week of the Nigerian Bar Association, Zaria Branch. The session focused on the critical topic: “Improved Legal Remuneration: A Pivot for Quality Legal Service Delivery and a Tool for Fair Dispensation of Justice in Nigeria.”

In his comprehensive presentation, Afam Osigwe SAN delved into the multifaceted issue of legal remuneration, underscoring its fundamental role in enhancing the quality of legal services and ensuring the fair dispensation of justice. He began by highlighting the current challenges faced by legal practitioners in Nigeria, including inadequate compensation, which often leads to a myriad of issues such as reduced motivation, increased susceptibility to unethical practices, and overall decline in service quality.

Afam emphasized that improved remuneration for legal practitioners is not merely a matter of financial gain but a critical factor that influences the entire justice system. He argued that well-compensated lawyers are more likely to be committed, diligent, and ethical in their practice, which in turn leads to better representation for clients and a more efficient justice delivery system.

He proposed several strategies for achieving improved legal remuneration in Nigeria. These included advocating for the enforcement of the Remuneration Order 2023, policy changes that ensure fair compensation, and fostering a culture of continuous professional development that justifies higher pay through increased expertise and efficiency.

The session also featured a lively interactive segment where participants engaged in a robust discussion on the practical steps that can be taken to implement the ideas presented. Attendees, including young lawyers, senior advocates, and judiciary members, shared their perspectives and experiences, enriching the dialogue with diverse viewpoints.

Afam Osigwe SAN reiterated the importance of collective action and persistent advocacy in achieving the goal of improved legal remuneration. He called on the Nigerian Bar Association and other stakeholders to prioritize this issue as a means to uplift the legal profession and ensure that justice is not only done but seen to be done.

The panel session was a highlight of the Law Week, providing valuable insights and sparking important conversations about the future of legal practice in Nigeria. It underscored the crucial link between fair compensation and the overall health of the justice system, and the need for continued efforts to address this pivotal issue.

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