“Remembering the Legacy: A Tribute to Charles Idehen, Champion of Justice”

By Afam Osigwe, SAN

Mr. Charles Idehen’s legacy reverberates through his profound contributions to the legal profession and his unwavering commitment to justice and the rule of law. As a former President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and later the African Bar Association (AfBA), Pa Idehen epitomized integrity, leadership, and dedication.

Elected as NBA President in 1989, his tenure marked a period of significant advancement in Nigeria’s legal landscape. His leadership was characterized by a steadfast commitment to upholding the principles of justice, fairness, and accountability. Idehen’s tenure was marked by his tireless efforts to bridge divides within the legal community and foster collaboration among legal practitioners.

Beyond his national leadership role, Mr. Idehen’s influence extended across the African continent. His presidency of the AfBA provided him with a platform to advocate for the rule of law and promote legal reforms across borders. Idehen’s legacy as a bridge-builder is evidenced by his efforts to mediate conflicts and promote dialogue in various African nations, earning him respect and admiration from colleagues and counterparts alike.

His foray into politics, particularly his gubernatorial bid in Bendel State, exemplified his commitment to public service and his desire to effect positive change beyond the confines of the legal profession. His decision to transition from law to politics underscores his belief in the power of governance to shape societies and advance the cause of justice.

Throughout his career, he remained a stalwart defender of human rights and a vocal advocate for the marginalized and oppressed. His passion for justice and his unwavering dedication to the rule of law serve as an enduring inspiration to all who strive for a more just and equitable society.

In this moment of loss, we reflect on Mr. Charles Idehen’s profound impact on the legal profession, his steadfast commitment to justice, and his enduring legacy as a champion of the rule of law. Though he may have departed this world, his legacy will continue to inspire generations of legal practitioners and advocates for years to come.

“Embracing Opportunity: Afam Osigwe’s Inspiring Address to the Nigerian Law School Class of 2023”

At the celebratory dinner for the Nigerian Law School Class of 2023, Afam Osigwe, a distinguished Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), delivered an inspiring address to the aspiring lawyers poised to be called to the bar. With an aura of wisdom and experience, Osigwe conveyed a message of hope and opportunity, urging the new wigs to embrace the legal profession with zeal and determination.

In his eloquent speech, Osigwe emphasized the vast potential within the legal field, assuring the soon-to-be lawyers that there is ample room for them to grow and establish their unique place in the profession. He encouraged them to not only aspire for success but to also actively seek ways to make a meaningful impact in their legal careers.

Acknowledging the diversity of ambitions and backgrounds among the new wigs, Osigwe highlighted the boundless opportunities available to each of them, regardless of their academic achievements or personal circumstances. His words resonated with optimism and a belief in the transformative power of the law to effect positive change in society.

As the evening progressed, Osigwe extended his warm congratulations to his colleagues in equity, wishing them success as they prepared to embark on their journey in the legal profession. His words of encouragement served as a beacon of guidance for the Class of 2023, instilling in them the confidence and determination to excel in their future endeavors as legal practitioners in Africa’s vibrant legal landscape.

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