Remuneration Order: Afam Osigwe, SAN Advocates for Fair Remuneration of Lawyers at NBA Makurdi Law Week

At the opening ceremony of the Nigerian Bar Association Makurdi Branch Law Week, distinguished legal practitioner Afam Osigwe, SAN, delivered a captivating speech delving into the nuances of the Remuneration Order 2023. Notably, as Chairman of the Remuneration Committee of the NBA, Osigwe’s insights carried significant weight in elucidating this pivotal aspect of legal practice.

In his address, Osigwe provided a thorough overview of the Remuneration Order 2023, meticulously highlighting its key provisions, implications, and profound significance for legal practitioners. As the regulatory framework governing fees within the legal profession, the Remuneration Order stands as a bastion of fairness and transparency in billing practices.

Osigwe astutely delved into the pragmatic implications of the Remuneration Order, offering invaluable clarity on fee structures, billing methodologies, and indispensable compliance requirements. His elucidation of the intricacies inherent in the Remuneration Order empowered legal practitioners not only in Makurdi but also across the legal landscape, instilling confidence and professionalism in navigating these regulatory frameworks.

Moreover, Osigwe’s address did not merely dwell on the technicalities; he seamlessly transitioned to address the ethical imperatives underpinning the Remuneration Order. With an impassioned plea, he underscored the paramount importance of upholding integrity, fairness, and unwavering client trust in fee negotiations and billing practices. In advocating for ethical conduct within the context of the Remuneration Order, Osigwe reaffirmed the legal profession’s unwavering commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and accountability.

Furthermore, seizing the opportune moment, the learned silk graced the FIDA Benue Chapter meeting, where he fervently urged members to serve as ambassadors of the Remuneration Order. His call for proactive involvement aimed at ensuring the effective implementation of the order resonated deeply, underscoring the pivotal role that legal practitioners play in advancing the cause of justice and fair remuneration.

Osigwe’s insightful speech at the NBA Makurdi Branch Law Week not only provided invaluable guidance and enlightenment to legal practitioners grappling with the complexities of the Remuneration Order 2023 but also galvanized them to embrace their role as guardians of integrity and fairness within the legal profession. His expertise and authority on the subject undoubtedly enriched the discourse, leaving an indelible mark on all those privileged to be in attendance.

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