A retired gynecologist, Dr. Albert Ndulue has lamented over the demolition of his property on Monday, November 13, 2023 by NICON Trustee.

In a press statement issued today, the 84-year-old described his ordeal as inhuman, saying he has been “subjected to all manner of mental torture, trauma and unbelievable injustice following the unending onslaught against me and my property.”

Below is the full text of the Press Statement


Good afternoon, Gentlemen of the press. I want to thank each and every one of you for making out time to honour this press invitation.

My name is Dr. Albert Ndulue. I am 84 years old. I am a retired gynecologist.

In the past 5 years, I have been subjected to all manner of mental torture, trauma and unbelievable injustice following the unending onslaught against me and my property by the trio of NICON Trustees Ltd, Mr. ABAH ONAH, their alleged receiver manager and Mr. Ejeta Otuoniyo and their accomplice which now include the AIG Zone 2, Onikan Lagos.

To understand the inhuman ordeal they have subjected me and my property to since 2017, here is a brief overview of my title to the property at Plot 8, Block 24. Alma Beach Estate, Lekki, Eti-Osa, Lagos.

In 1991, Alma Beach advertised for the sale of plots in land in Alma Beach. I paid seven hundred and fifty thousand naira (#750,000) for a certain type of plot. Alma Beach allocated a plot to me after i had fully paid for it. But then sand filling was on-going. But when i visited the estate the sand filling had stopped. I contacted the Alma Beach and they told me that they had financial challenge but that had been sorted out. Then in 1993, Alma Beach allocated a plot of land to me measuring 1, 358.974 sqaure metres marked NAO, 1336, 1337, 1353, 1354, and back to 1336.

Following this allocation, I went to Alma Beach to request for the documents required by the Lagos state government to regularize the purchase of the land, obtain governor’s consent, and perfect my title. I was informed that Wale Babalakin SAN had taken over Alma Beach Estate and was responsible for providing the requested documents. I approached Babalakin who refused to give me the documents instead offering me 12m which I rejected. Following his refusal, I sued Alma Beach Estate at the Lagos high court.

In 2011. Having no defence or reason to formally allocate the land or signing requisite documents, the management of Alma Beach allocated my land and executed all necessary documents thereto. Lagos State government issued me the governor’s consent following my application. After obtaining governor’s consent, I submitted a building plan to Lagos Physical Planning and Urban Development Authority which was approved in 2014. I started development on the plot by fencing it round. When I wanted to start the main building, I visited the site and saw a notice on my entrance claiming that my land was subject to an alleged receivership pursuant to an interim order of Justice Austin Obiozor of the Federal High Court Lagos. I immediately instructed my lawyer to verify the authenticity of said order. My lawyer confirmed that there was indeed, an order made by the court in SUIT NO: LD/27/67GCMD/2018 and filed a motion seeking to be joined as a party in the suit. However, before the court could hear the motion, the court found that the suit was fraudulent and incompetent and therefore dismissed it for lack of merit.

Thinking that my ordeal was over, I immediately started building on the land. At about 92% completion of the building, I had a health emergency which warranted my visit to my doctors abroad. This visit coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic causing me to extend my stay in the US. Sometime in July 2021, I got a call from one of my neighbours that my house had been put up for sale. Alarmed at this information, I rushed back to the country and discovered that it was the same Mr Abah Onah, the alleged trustee receiver manager of NICON Trustees Limited and his cohorts who were still relying on the same interim order already vacated, following the dismissal of the suit.

With the aid of thugs, they vandalised my property and carted away all the valuables and building materials.

My lawyers also informed me that the criminal attempt to sell the house was made while the suit was still pending at the Lagos High Court. I instructed my lawyers to petition the commissioner of police Lagos State who immediately approved the petition and invited Mr Abah Onah and his cohorts. Having no defence for the illegal actions, they ran to the Lagos High Court, and filed a frivolous application for enforcement of their fundamental rights. While the fundamental rights suit was pending (which is still pending till date), they continued to encroach on my property, and even claimed to have sold my property to different people, some of whom are Mr Amobi Chukwudi alias money bag, Pastor Ayo Adelaja, Tony Montana, Quartra Architect Limited, and numerous other persons, whose names I do not know. They continued to run to different police stations and courts on the same subject, and once my lawyer appears in court or attends to the matter, they will discontinue or abandon the matter.

The climax of the issue was when they ran to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, “Special Squad” and filed another petition on the same subject matter making sundry allegations, even though I was far away in the US. My lawyers were made to halt the initial petition in reverence to the court owing to the fundamental right action filed by them against the police and the directive of the DIG of police from Abuja directing parties that all matters concerning the land should be referred to the courts, and the parties must wait until the court finally decides the rightful owner.

Astonished by the latest petition, the CP, “Special Squad” had to complain to AIG zone 2 Onikan Lagos over the provocative conduct of the suspects and sort that he intervenes. The then AIG, noticing that the matter was pending, with series of judgements delivered in the course of litigation, referred the file to OC legal. Before this time, my lawyer had often informed me that he was worried about the investigation as the AIG team ‘B13’ handling the matter led by one AS Adekunle Samuel and Supol Adewunmi have refused to invite all the suspects and also refused to visit the site to see the extent of damage to my property. It was against this backdrop that my lawyer was invited by the new AIG, Mohammed Aro, for an interview. Upon arrival, he was informed that OC legal had finished a report on the matter and recommended that myself or my lawyer should be charged to court. All the effort of my lawyer to show them that the courts and all the documents presented to them had no allegation against me. At no point where we confronted or made to respond to a counter petition. When my lawyer inquired about the offence we were being charged with, it was discovered that there was no such recommendation on the report. The AIG adjourned the meeting to enable the new OC legal to review the report, and also look at the judgment of the honourable court, which had earlier affirmed the legitimacy of my title, and restrained the police from disturbing my residence in Alma Beach, where my property is located. My lawyer applied for the CTC of the report and the statement of my opponents to enable me prepare for the next interview which was declined until the 28th day of October 2023, when DSP Adekunle Samuel, on the directive of the AIG, Mohammed Aro invaded my property, scaled the fence and arrested my security men, took them to zone 2 and detained them. Fortunately, no charge or allegation was made against my security guards, neither were they made to make any statements against any allegation. However, they were compelled and coerced to sign an already prepared undertaking never to go back to my property or secure it in anyway. From that day, my property has been besieged from all sides by more than 40 armed thugs, wielding all forms of dangerous weapons, taking turns to vandalise my property, carting away the windows, roofing sheets, electrical fittings, and pipes, over the watch and protection of policeman from Zone 2 police station, Onikan.

On Monday, the 10th of November, 2023, when i visited my property, i met an entourage of thugs cannibalizing my property that was 92% completed and carting awaying windows, roofing sheets, electrical materials and other fittings and loading into a standby truck. When i challenged them, they ran away and abandoned their truck. I went to ILasan police station to complain but was told Zone 2 had directed ILasan to stay clear of the matter. When the destruction continued i went back to lLasan police station again seeking DPO’s intervention to stop futher damage to the property.

Surprisingly, while we were discussing, the ILasan DPO told us that the AIG zone 2 had instructed him not to send poilcemen to Alma Beach. While we were there, some armed Policemen from D13, Zone 2 Zonal Command, Onikan, Lagos came to llasan and told the DPO that the AIG zone 2 had requested to meet with both parties.They took me to zone 2 where we discussed with the AIG and two other interested persons who claim to be representing NICON Trustee. All efforts to convince the AIG to send police men to stop the thugs from cannibalizing my property proved abortive. He said he will only send policemen to maintain peace when we start fighting and then ordered us to leave his office.

I thank you again for granting me audience.

Dr. Albert Ndulue
Retired gynecologist.

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